Understanding FDCPA, UCC, FCPA, PPA, IRS, TLA as they relate to businesses

David Sanders

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Abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by many debt collectors let to the enactment of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Anyone trying to collect a business debt on behalf of another MUST be familiar with who this important law covers as well as its dos-and-don’ts. That is what this information rich webinar is all about.
Companies across the country are getting hit with massive fines and judgments every day by violating critical federal collection law regulations and guidelines. Such as, but not limited to, FDCPA, CCA, TLA, IRS, PPA, HIPPA, UCC and others. Unintentional mistakes or not, the courts are bringing down fines on companies and individuals.

Attend this fast-paced webinar will shows you exactly what violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other laws that lead to costly fines and judgments.

Doing your job as an A/R professional is hard enough without the threat of lawsuits hanging over your head. But make no mistake — debtors today have a WEALTH of information at their disposal about what you can and cannot do to collect a debt.

This webinar will inform you do the do and don't of collection

Why should you attend :

In a job where one wrong phrase in a collection letter — or even your tone of voice over the phone can get you into hot water, you need to be confident and secure that everything you do is legally sound.

This world of globalization, is requiring businesses to become more competitive. Fewer resources wasted, resources mobilized, setting directions and action.

This seminar will help us to "find the dots" then  "connect the dots" relating to collections.,

  • The areas of the FDCPA that trip up even veteran collectors
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act issues
  • Easily-broken HIPAA regs that can get you hauled into court
  • Truth In Lending Laws and unauthorized credit card debits
  • What’s your company’s civil liability under the FDCPA? You better know!
  • Bad check laws that every A/R and sales pro in your company should know
  • What you can quickly (and legally) do to get your money when a customer writes you a bad check
  • Minimizing your company’s risk from fraud
  • Using a “Mini-Miranda” warning
  • An overview of consumer vs. commercial bankruptcy and the differences between Chapter 7, 11 and 13

Areas Covered in the Session: 

·         Who a covered “debt collector” is – and, who it’s not

·         The 6 things a debt collector can and cannot do when trying to determine a debtor’s location

·         Three things a debt collector cannot do when communicating directly with the debtor in the absence of consent or a court order

·         What to do if the debtor tells you in writing to leave them alone

·         A half-dozen acts that expressly constitute harassment and abuse

·         How to recognize a false or misleading representation

·         Eight actions that will always be recognized as being unfair or an unconscionable means of collecting or attempting to collect a debt

·         How a debt collector MUST validate a debt

·         Civil liabilities and administrative enforcement related to the FDCPA, TLD, FCRA, UCC, PPA, and others


Who will benefit: 

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:

  • Business Owners
  • Compliance Managers
  • Controllers
  • Presidents / Vice Presidents
  • Managers / Supervisors
  • Sales Representative
  • Collection Managers, Personnel
  • Retail Businesses Owners.
  • Business Vendors

This webinar is targeted mainly to:

  • Fortune 500
  • Small Businesses
  • Municipalities
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources Groups
  • Non Profit Organizations
  •  Insurance
  • Real Estate

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Speaker: David Sanders, President, Sanders and Sullivan Consulting

David Sanders is considered one of the world’s leading experts in accounting, finance, business consulting, payroll, budgeting, collections, personal income taxes, business taxes, business set up, sales and use taxes, internal controls, inventory management, cycle counting, record keeping and vendor/supplier management. He has conducted approximately 10,100 training sessions, including public seminars, on-sites, company training, chambers of commerce trainings, colleges, videos, CDs and webinars worldwide.

Mr. Sanders is called upon nationally and internationally for his SOX training abilities and to perform, walk through interim testing for core financial processes such as internal controls, fraud detection, internal controls, financial reporting, revenue, inventory, and expenditure testing.

The author of four acclaimed books and over 28 seminar workbooks and numerous webinars, he has a talent for breaking things down into easy to understand steps that can be implemented immediately. He was an endorsed local provider for the Dave Ramsey Show covering the greater Cincinnati and Northern KY area.

Mr. Sanders has a wealth of experience to share that is supported by impeccable financial credentials including over 38 years’ experience in the financial industry. He holds numerous degrees including accounting, business administration and finance. His experience includes accounting manager, corporate controller, CFO, government tax auditor, business consultant, and senior partner with various accounting/ tax/ auditing firms nationally.