Managing OSHA Inspections and Accident Investigations

Kenneth S. Weinberg

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This OSHA Inspection and Accident Investigation training will provide practical tips for safety professionals and managers on what the OSHA inspectors will look for, how to respond to a letter of complaint, how employees and unions figure into the inspection equation, and what you must do to expedite the inspection and help resolve issues before they become major problems.

OSHA has been strengthened in its efforts to provide regulatory oversight in all types of businesses. In years gone by, OSHA was looked upon as having an effect only in manufacturing businesses. But during the past several years, OSHA has taken up the challenge of oversight and inspection in a wide range of industries beyond manufacturing, including health care, food purveyors, and trucking and more. Every business in every state with ten or more employees may be subject to OSHA oversight, with inspections and citations that loom over the bottom line. In addition, the fee for these citations has just recently been increased. Also, the public announcements and media releases about OSHA inspections and citation activities puts businesses in the public eye, sometimes in a very negative light. Attending this webinar may help ease some of that burden for those being inspected and cited.

Course Objective

Perhaps of all of the interactions that occur with regulatory agencies, the unannounced OSHA inspection is the most stressful, and least understood by business owners. The key to managing a surprise OSHA Inspection or a letter of complaint directed at your company is to understand what the process is and what the OSHA inspectors are looking for.

This presentation will explain what the process is for an OSHA inspection, and how to respond to a letter of complaint. Also, this presentation will explain what inspectors are looking for, how employees and unions figure into the inspection equation, and what you must do to expedite the inspection and help resolve issues before they become major problems.

This session will help business owners and safety personnel have a better understanding and feel more in control of the situation when OSHA inspectors arrive at your site, especially if they arrive unannounced.

Course Outline

  • Give examples of why OSHA comes calling?
  • Explain how to construct letter of response to an OSHA complaint?
  • Give examples of what to expect during an OSHA visit?
  • Explain how to conduct yourself during a surprise inspection?
  • Help you understand how employees and unions fit into the inspection.
  • Explain what to look for if a citation is issued?
  • Provide insights into follow up settlement conferences.

Target Audience

This webinar will assist safety personnel, owners, supervisors and in house legal counsel in understanding the OSHA inspection process.

Those who will benefit from this webinar include:
  • Safety personnel
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Business Owners
  • In House Legal Counsel

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Speaker: Kenneth S. Weinberg,

Dr. Kenneth S. Weinberg is an independent consultant located just south of Boston, MA. He has worked with a variety of companies regarding OSHA regulatory requirements and compliance with these regulations. He has also worked as the Director of Safety at Mass. General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Weinberg has served as the Administrator of the Health Care division of the American Society of Safety Engineers. He is an experienced lecturer and a published author of several scientific papers in juried research journals, and has written several books related to workplace safety requirements.

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