COVID-19 - Emergence, Biology and Countermeasures

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This webinar will discuss the emergence, lifecycle, biology, transmission, epidemiology, countermeasures of COVID-19. Countermeasures will be broken down into potential treatments that block the viral lifecycle (monoclonal antibodies, Camostat mesylate, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir-ritonavir, remdesivir); potential anti-inflammatories (corticosteroids and baricitinib); and immune boosters. Testing methodologies will be covered (RT-PCR and ELISA-based). The development path and progress of vaccines will also be covered.

Why Should You Attend:

There is a lot of information circulating online about COVID-19 and there is a lot of confusion around what will happen to individuals, what this new enemy is that has suddenly appeared in our midst, interrupted/threatened our lives and what to do to stay safe. The goal of this webinar it to provide clear information to demystify COVID-19 and provide a platform to answer questions. The content is scientific in nature but simplified for people so that people without a strong scientific background can understand the content.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Emergence of COVID-19
  • Biology and life-cycle
  • Comparison with other strains of Coronoviruses
  • Spread and infectivity
  • Immunity to COVID-19 – why don’t we have it
  • Seasonal considerations and recurrence
  • Distancing
  • Potential therapeutics – in clinical trials
  • Testing for viral RNA (PCR ) and antibodies (ELISA)
  • Vaccines

Who Will Benefit:

  • Anyone who has concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and wants to understand more about the scientific basis for how it came about, what it is, what we are doing to combat it and what to expect in the future.

This webinar is beneficial to any industry, any company size.

Free Materials:

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  • Articles
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Speaker: Carol Nelson, Founder, Translational Pharmacology Consulting

Carol Nelson received her PhD in Pharmacology, toxicology and experimental therapeutics at the University of Florida's School of Medicine and holds a BA in Biology Chemistry from Skidmore College (Phi Beta Kappa). She has worked at both the National Institutes of Health and the FDA in basic research for receptor signal transduction and cystic fibrosis. Additionally she has held scientific positions at DuPont-Merck, Diatide-Schering Berlex, and Genzyme in the field of drug discovery and development in fields including rare genetic diseases, cancer, and neuromuscular disorders. She is currently the Founder of Translational Pharmacology Consulting where she assists small biotechnology companies to write scientific publications and first-in-man regulatory filings.

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